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How to Ask a Guy for His Phone Number

When you have a special guy in your sights, one of the best ways to reach out is through a text or a phone call if you don't have an opportunity to talk in person. Of course, this requires getting their phone number, and although it may seem nerve-wracking, it doesn't have to be!

1.Pluck up your courage. When you spot the guy away from his friends (if preferred) and in a quiet spot where you can't be misheard, gather your wits about you and head in his direction.

2.Be cool and confident. There is no need to pretend you're there for any other reason than to ask for his number. He'll respect your confidence and chutzpah if you make it clear you made a beeline for him just for this purpose. Some people advise pretending to go up for some other reason, such as wanting help with a forgotten homework question or wanting to know something. That might work if you're feeling really timid but it can also backfire in that that's the only thing you'll end up asking, as your courage fails you. Moreover, it'll soon become clear to the guy that asking for his help was just a ruse, which can show you're able to lie. Not a great start.

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